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Holiday for Entrepreneurs
Tarifa - 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks in October

A charming Spanish villa, 1,2,3 or 4 weeks of co-working, adventure and outdoor fun, 15 entrepreneurs, 100% Flaks!



Together with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs you’ll expand your network and get inspired.


A get-away in an inspiring place with inspiring like-minded people. Expand your network, get inspired and boost your business while having fun.

Sports and Outdoor

Flaks is organised for sporty entrepreneurs that have an “It’s not a business, but a way of life”-mindset. Together we’ll go kiting, surfing, moutainbiking, etc.


What is Flaks?

Flaks is the Norwegian word for ‘luck’. Flaks is founded on the belief that entrepreneurs are increasingly location independent and that the Internet is also present in the most beautiful places of the world. We organize adventure holidays for flexible entrepreneurs. Have an unforgettable experience together in an inspiring setting and outdoor scene while you can co-work under a palm tree. That’s Flaks!

An awesome and unique concept to enjoy your most favourite hobby together with like-minded entrepreneurs. The program with the other entrepreneurs was very interesting and inspiring. Next to this, there was plenty of time to go kitesurfing, get some work done or spend your day in the way you want it. I wouldn’t have wont to miss this!
Henry Kruissing, Flakser 2014

XLIM Solutions

You bring your laptop, we'll take care of the rest!

Flaks-working in Tarifa

Tarifa is an authentic fortress town with a strong Andalusian culture AND international vibe. It is lively and laidback. The Mediterranean ‘diet’ is common daily practice. Every week there is a national, regional or local fiesta and if there’s nothing to celebrate they will invent something to celebrate. Tarifa is located in the most southern tip of continental Spain, along the Strait of Gibraltar in just half an hour by boat from Africa. Due to this prime location Tarifa has more than 300 days viento (wind) per year. With the 15 km stretched white sand beaches , this is THE place in Europe for wind or kite surfing. Tarifa is therefore known as

The Wind Capital of Europe

The town is located in a beautiful nature park which is one big outdoor playground. Besides watersports (kitesurf, windsurf, surf, SUP) Tarifa is a fantastic place for other outdoor sports such as mountain biking, trail running, rock climbing and scuba diving. October is the perfect month for a Flaks Working Holiday in Tarifa. Wind conditions are good, and both water and air temperatures are very pleasant. The town has a relaxed after-summer vibe! The Flakscoworking holiday welcomes every adventurer and sporty person: from kitesurf newby to diehard windsurf pro.

Why Tarifa?

Top Temperature

Lively & Laidback

Beautiful location

Co-working Facilities

90% Winddays

Untouched nature

Water sports & Outdoor

Cheap & Accessible

Check it out

We offer

Charming accommodation

We have an authentic Andalusian villa on a top location near Tarifa with wifi, an inspiring environment, good facilities, a kitchen, a living room, a swimming pool, large tropical garden, table tennis, volleyball court. Including breakfast, lunch, unlimited coffee and soda.

Comfortable workplace

In the villa we provide plenty of places to comfortably work on your project or business whenever you want. Ofcourse you can also take a poolside spot or have a coffee and brainstorm under a palmtree with other Flaks participants.

Network program

Because we all run our own businesses with different goals but many of the same challenges, we have substantive meetings in which we get to know each other’s business goals better and help and inspire each other to achieve these goals.

Holiday program

We organize various fun events to get the most out of your stay in Tarifa and maximize the holiday feeling. Included is one local style tapas night, a BBQ evening and a cocktail night. We also have plenty of optional events and activities in which you can join for free or for cheap.

Kitesurfing & outdoor

The villa is located in a prime location for kitesurfing fanatics. We offer Flaks! Discounts for kitelessons, kite rental and rental of other watersport and outdoor material. For non-kitesurfers the outdoor possibilities are enormous as well.

The Flaks-Villa


  • wifi
  • pool
  • Showers, Toilets
  • kitchen
  • BIG barbeque
  • Tropical Garden
  • Table Tennis Table
  • Volleyball court
  • Bicycles


  • Relaxed beach clubs
  • Good restaurant options
  • Live music and events
  • Parking spaces
  • At the edge of a national park
  • View of beach and sea
  • Kite Beach 3 minutes walk

Package options Flaks-working (per week)


One double bed suite, extra bed, TV, private entrance, sea view.

Breakfast AND lunch
Coffee / tea / soft drinks
Cocktail party
Introduction meeting
Entrepreneurs Gathering Tarifa

€ 670,-

(PP extra: € 300,-)

Private room

One double bed in a private room. Shared showers and toilets.

Breakfast AND lunch
Coffee / tea / soft drinks
Cocktail party
Introduction meeting
Entrepreneurs Gathering Tarifa

€ 540,-

(PP extra: € 200,-)

Triple room

A bed in a room with three beds. Shared showers and toilets.

Breakfast AND lunch
Coffee / tea / soft drinks
Cocktail party
Introduction meeting
Entrepreneurs Gathering Tarifa

€ 420,-

(per persoon – per week)


A bed in a dormitory with 6 beds, Shared showers and toilets.

Breakfast AND lunch
Coffee / tea / soft drinks
Cocktail party
Introduction meeting
Entrepreneurs Gathering Tarifa

€ 399,-

(per persoon – per week)

* All prices exclude VAT
* First come, first served (maximum of 17 participants)
* Prices include all items listed below
* Every extra week gives 10% discount on the total price (2 weeks: 10%, 3 weeks: 20% and 4 weeks: 30%)

What’s in the package per week?

Practical information

Breakfast AND lunch


Cocktail party

Workplace + coffee/tea


Entrepreneurs gathering

  • Each participant will be screened, so that we can make sure that we go with a nice group of like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • The Flaks villa has a kitchen and a barbeque. Breakfast and lunch are included
  • Alcohol is not included in the price, except for a Flaks! cocktail evening. We have a large fridge for self brought drinks and there is a cool bar at only 50 m. away.
  • Transportation is not included. You can get cheap flights to Malaga / Sevilla and easily get to Tarifa from there.
  • Kite equipment and lessons are not included (Kite lessons, kite rental, Mountain Bikes, SUP boards, Surfboards). We’re happy to arrange this with our partners. We have good deals with the best providers.
  • When you register you get more information and the invoice. Your place is safe at the time the invoice is paid.
  • All participants will receive access to a private Facebook group.
  • Would you like to join with 2 or 3? That’s possible! We have some two and three-bed rooms available.
  • We have capacity for up to 17 participants. For each type of accommodation the availability is limited. First come, first served!

Your Profile

You're an entrepreneur

You’re sporty


You're social

You're adventurous


Elmar Haker

Elmar is digital marketeer and wordpress specialist and has a passion for travel and entrepreneurship. He supports his clients – location independently – from the most beautiful places in the world.

Founder of the following initiatives:
Global Talent Project: an initiative to put creative talents in developing countries in the digital spotlight.
Sum of Parts: a joint initiative bringing entrepreneurs together to enhance their businesses.
Flaks: Co-working with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs in some of the most beautiful places in the world, while we help and inspire each other to achieve our goals in combination with an awesome experience.

Suzanne van der Veeken

Suzanne is travelblogger and sustainable tourism consultant. She is very enthusiastic about everything outdoors and ocean. For 9 years she travels, adventures and works from all corners of the world. Tarifa is her playground base. She cannot wait to start ‘flaksing’ with you from Tarifa.

Founder of

Some examples of participants

Sabine Evers

Sabine is a freelance online communications specialist. She is founder and blogger of DE PATATGENERATIE, where she writes hilariously about the stressfull choices of those aged 30. One week Sabine wants to live in Bali and another week she want to write a book, so she is coming to Tarifa where she will make her first meters of the water.


Emile Bosch

Emile works as all-round freelance GO / Ruby software developer. He likes to build apps while traveling and is already making his first kitesurf jumps. His favorite T-shirt is gray.


Chris Boer

Chris is an expert in the field of Magento webshops, and tries to combine this the best possible way with his travel passion. Having lived and worked in Fiji for half a year tastes for more. He is a fanatic diver, but these these two Flaks! weeks he will also explores the waters surface (and airspace?) with kitesurfing.


Bas Foole

Bas is a true-4hour workweek example (ok, ok, a little more than 4 hours;)) and serves his webshops now from anywhere he wants. Coming up: Tarifa in October! Bas swears by windsurfing, but has recently received a kite in his hands for the first time…

Want to join?

Cool! Obviously we would like to (virtually) meet every Flaks-participant in advance to say hi and to check if you indeed meet the few requirements. This allows us to guarantee you that we’re going to have a like-minded group of adventurous entrepreneurs.
Complete the form and we’ll let you know as soon as possible if you can join us as a Flaks-worker in Tarifa!

Join the buzz!


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