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Flaks 'Sum of Parts'-meetings in Uganda

Get inspired, stay motivated and reach your goals together with like minded social entrepreneurs

Together we achieve our goals!

Five social entrepreneurs from Holland and five social entrepreneurs from Uganda. Each with their own specific goals, but together we will be more than the part of the sum!

The goal is to help each other achieving our goals. We will do this by addressing the following topics in the four meetings:

1. Pitching and network
2. Monitoring and Evaluation
3. Marketing
4. Funding

Every tuesday in March, from 13:30 to 15:00. First meeting is on March 4th.

We’ll meet at Bean@Work in Kampala!


Learn from each other and get inspired by other ways of doing things


Stay motivated by setting your goals and getting feedback on how you achieve them.


Get to know like-minded people that share your values and help each other to achieve your goals


Charles Chandia

With his ‘Twekembe Slum Project‘, Charles aimes to improve the basic living conditions and safety of the residents of Naguru kamwokya slum. The project seeks to assist the residents by raising awareness, financial and material resources, and by offering practical support in ways requested by the community.

Madelon Eelderink

Founder of Madelon is an expert in inter-cultural communication and designing developing projects. In March she will focus on making 15-20 trainingsvideo’s about developing cooperation. Follow her blog here! (in Dutch)

Joshua Opolot

With ‘Youth Sport Uganda‘, Joshua strives to help children from different social, economic and religious backgrounds to form friendships and learn about important health issues through sports.

Daan Oxener

Daan has a background as a consultant in educational research and development. In March he will start a project based on sport and development. He will execute this project in the following 8 months in East-Africa.

Derick Akuwa

Derick works at ‘Flock of Birds‘ and is involved in marketing. He will focus on learning more marketing skills with the aim to boost the Flock of Birds Social enterprise as well as designing his personal webpage for bicycle hires and tours under the Brand  “Yes Business”.

Diana Schaap

As an architect and projectdeveloper, Diana wants to put her expertise to good use in social developing projects in Uganda. In March she will work on finding relevant projects and contacts for her stay of two years in Uganda.

Andrew Lubega

Andrew is one of the founders of ‘Street Angels Uganda‘. His organisation is a community organization working to better the lives of slum children and street children in Kampala city and the urban areas in Uganda.

Bas Foole

Bas owns a couple of online webshops and works from Uganda. During March he wants to make a switch to a ‘software-as-a-service’ business. He focusses on solving issues that architects have and will try to find a software solution for it.

Lydia Amuge

As the founder of Winning Choices, Lydia strives to inspire, empower and educate individuals, institutions and organisations to discover their highest potential.

Elmar Haker

Founder of Flaks and organiser of the Sum of Parts events. Elmar is an expert in online marketing and wordpress-webdevelopment. In March he wants to expand Flaks and give new life to his personal project ‘Global Talent Project‘, focussing on digital exposure of local talented artists.